First Day of BSG Withdrawl

Since the remade Battlestar Galactica debuted in 2004, I’ve been hooked on this show. I was chomping at the bit for the series to happen (strangely, it came out first in the UK so I downloaded copies well before it came out on the SciFi channel) and loved it to death. I eagerly awaited season 2 to start less than 15 weeks ago. Season 2 consists of 20 episodes but SciFi has decided to show the first 10 episodes and show the second 10 in January. This is the first Friday in a while without a new BSG episode. Ugh! Fortunately there are some things to keep me occupied while I deal with my BSG withdrawl:

  • Season 1 along with the mini-series has been released on DVD. If you haven’t seen it, go buy it now!
  • Serenity comes out tonight and it’s gotten very good reviews.

I just hope that I can endure the wait until January… :-)

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