Genealogy Software

I started looking at genealogy software again. I have plenty of options for editing GEDCOM files such as Gramps and MacFamilyTree but what I’d really like is something integrated into this site for viewing and possibly updating family tree information. Topping the list is PhpGedView. It looks very powerful and has all the features I could ever want. Integration with WordPress looks to be non-existant. Then, there is Retrospect GDS which I tried a long time ago. The downside of Retrospect GDS is that it’s for display only. Ideally what I’d like is for other family members to be able to update their own branches of the tree. There are commercial solutions like TNG that look really nice but I don’t know how committed I am to this project to lay out the $30. I’ll probably take a closer look at PhpGedView and work on theming it over the next couple of weeks.

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