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Family Update


Just a quick family update on things going on. Jacob had his first dentist appointment today. He did amazingly well. It’s stunning what a little pre-framing can do. Thomas gets his cast off tomorrow (and life can resume for everyone — especially Thomas!) Thomas started writing a biography on Michel Jordan (a school project.) He had a bit of a rough start, but I was able to direct him...

Pasta Milano


Last Saturday I asked Jacob what he wanted to make for dinner. After some contemplation, his response was, “Go to Macaroni Grill.” Punk. So that gave me the idea to see if I could make my favorite dish from there — Pasta Milano. The internet is a wonderful thing and “Google(The search engine of choice)”: just rocks. I put in my search terms “pasta milano...



Just a quick note. I upgraded the memory in the machine to 1G (“Fry’s(Fry’s Electronics)”: had a good price on some this weekend.) The web site stuff I’m using consumes an insane amount of memory. Not that content needs to be served quickly, but it was dog slow sometimes due to parts of the web server swapping out. I also upgraded to “WordPress 1.5.1(WordPress...

Ik-Kyu Promotion


Wednesday night was my third brown-belt promotion and the last one before becoming a black-belt candidate. It’s been a long, hard haul but it’s also been some of the best two and a half years of my adult life. As is the norm during the award ceremony, I had to perform my kata (not mandatory, but it’s good to push myself to do it.) Of course given how much the...

Mother’s Day 2005


Mother’s day went off fairly well. I used “The Gimp(The Gimp)”: to make a “photo montage(Montage for Mother’s day)”: that I sent to “Cafe Press(Cafe Press)”: to have them turn it into a coffee mug. I had used Cafe Press once before to make an apron for Amy that had the “Afternoon to Remember(The best tearoom in the world!)”: logo on it...

The TiVo hard drive died


Horror of horrors! The TiVo hard drive died yesterday. Over 830+ days ago (more on how I know that later…) I replaced the stock 40G hard drive in our DirecTV TiVo with a 120G hard drive. The boys were watching something when they told me the TV stopped working. Upon heading downstairs, the TiVo was hung and it’s hard drive was clicking. Never a good sign. Hard boots ran for a few...

Thomas had surgery


Thomas had his surgery on Monday (May 2nd.) It went off without too many problems and he’s had a pretty swift recovery thus far. We left the house around 6:30AM to get to the hospital at our appointment time of 7:15AM. Thomas was scheduled for surgery at 9:20AM. We made it on time and got settled in. Many of the nurses in the recovery room were familiar and one in particular, Julie...

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