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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


!(floatRight)2!:1 I picked up “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”:1 at Sam’s Club on Saturday around noon. We came home and I planted my butt on the couch to start reading. I took a break for dinner and stopped for the night around 11PM. I woke up early Sunday morning and finished the book off. It’s been a long while since I read a book non-stop and it felt really...

Off to Orlando


Heading off to Orlando for a week for the “KIAI Grand Nationals(KIAI Grand Nationals)”:. Should be a lot of fun. Amy and the kids are heading to “Vero Beach(Vero Beach)”: while I help set things up. We’ll also be checking out our own piece of the magic at “Saratoga Springs(Saratoga Springs)”:. Hopefully the coming tropical depression won’t make...

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