Originally I registered the domain patsoffice.com so that I could have a consistent email address. I had left my job at Verio full-time and had begun work at UC Davis. Having my own domain seemed like a good idea since I didn’t know if I would keep my Verio addresses too much longer. Credit for the domain name goes to my old co-worker, Jim Nessen, since I lacked the creativity to come up with an original domain name and instead copied his jimsoffice.org┬ádomain.

Since I used to run my own server/router at home, the next logical step was to make a web site so that family, friends and communities that we participate in could keep up to date on what was going on with us. Since I have no artistic ability whatsoever, I asked my friend Airic van Staveren to do some artwork for me. He came up with some cool ideas that I liked and created artwork for a website site. After a very long delay, I finally came up with a website layout that I liked. Unfortunately, I am only using one of the pieces of art that Airic came up with, the title image in the upper left. If I can incorporate the others someday, I will certainly do so.

The site is built upon the “blogging” software WordPress running in a Docker container hosted on AWS Lightsail.

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