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XBox 360


!(floatLeft)1!:2 !(floatRight)4!:5 I am buying a used XBox 360 tonight from somebody local. It’s got a modified firmware in the DVD drive. Of course, today is the day that Microsoft began banning users with modified firmware. Perfect timing. 🙂 I don’t have any copied games and I don’t know if I care to. Hopefully I’ll be able to flash the DVD-ROM firmware back to the...

If You Can Do It Better, Then Shut Up and Do It!


!(floatRight)1!:2 I frequent some tech sites (“slashdot”:3, “digg”:4) and there seems to be group of whiners that complain about some television shows that I happen to like — specifically, “Lost”:2 and “Battlestar Galactica”:5. The complaints, usually, are along the lines of Battlestar started off very well. It was fascinating. It was science...

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