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Some Jacob News…


Jacob had a great progress report once again. He’s basically been done with Kindergarten since the first trimester. Jacob also had a field trip to the Sacramento Zoo. I was lucky enough to be able to go along. We had a great time on the trip. Finally, Jacob got is now a Little Dragon in karate. He graduated into that class last Wednesday. Great work, Jacob!

A Fantastic Progress Report


Thomas came home with a fantastic progress report yesterday. Two B+’s, one A and one A+. The behaviors were all satisfactory with nothing needing improvement. Before the end of the year, there is a good chance that those two B+’s will be A-‘s. That will be awesome. We are so proud of him.



I have to say, I’m really impressed with “ Sell or Create What’s on Your Mind)”:. I started looking at them a few years ago to create “items(An Afternoon to Remember Tea Room and Gifts Shop)”: for Amy just to see what could be done. I was really impressed with the speed and the results. The prices were great too. Later on, I created...

I’m in Love…


!(floatRight)2!:3 I went to “Sam’s Club(Spawn of the Eeeeviiiillll Wal-Mart)”:1 yesterday to buy some steak for fajitas and as I was standing in the checkout line, a big-screen television was beckoning me (as they often do.) The line was unusually long so I had plenty of time to gawk at the screen from a distance. The colors were so much more vibrant than any other screens in my...

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