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X-Box 360


I tried to get an X-Box 360 pack from Sam’s Club this morning. Apparently they only had 20 units and they were all spoken for by the time I got there (around 6:40AM.) No great loss as I was simply going to put it up on ebay.



Amy got me a “smoker(Smoke’N Grill Charcoal Smoker & Grill)”: for my birthday and we finally were able to pick it up yesterday. To start out, I smoked some chicken breasts. They tasted great and I’ve got plenty to last me through the week. We bought a 15 lb. turkey today and I’m going to try smoking it for Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about a nice...

Tea Room Happenings


There has been a lot going on with the “Tea Room(An Afternoon to Remember)”: lately. Besides moving into the busy holiday season, we’ve put out a “new newsletter(Volume 3 Issue 1)”: and rolled out a “new website(An Afternoon to Remember)”: with an on-line store. The Tea Room is decked out for the holidays and it’s looking really nice. The one bummer...

Which Serenity Character are you?


You scored as The Operative. You are dedicated to your job and very good at what you do. You’ve done some very bad things, but they had to be done. You don’t expect to go to heaven, but that is a sacrifice you’ve made for a better future for all. The Operative 81% Shepherd Derrial Book 69% Capt. Mal Reynolds 63% Simon Tam 63% Zoe Alleyne Washburne 56% Hoban 'Wash'...

Intra-dojo Tournament


We had an intra-dojo sparring tournament. Three years ago, this tournament was my first introduction to competition sparring (I think the tournament was my third time sparring — needless to say, I didn’t do too well. 🙂 The results were somewhat better this time around. I ended up taking third overall but I think I may have done better if I hadn’t injured myself in the first...

Back from Missouri


We went to visit Amy’s parent for a few days. Her dad, Tom, just had surgury to remove some cancer from his throat so we figured it’d be a good idea to go back and see he family a bit. It was a great trip albeit too short. We got to see Amy’s aunts and uncles for an afternoon which was a nice treat. Some of the highlights included spending a bit of time at Tom’s grain...

First Trimester is Over


Yesterday, we met with Thomas and Jacob’s teachers. The meetings went really well. Jacob is essentially done with kindergarten. He’s met all of the requirements to move on to the first grade. His teacher, Mrs. Bodner, was really impressed with how well he is doing. Thomas made the honor roll and his teacher, Mr. Gianini, wants him to set a goal of making the Principal’s list for...

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