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KIAI Grand Nationals – 2006


The KIAI Grand Nationals happened this weekend in San Francisco. Amy was out of town for a conference in Dallas so the boys and I headed down for the weekend. We stayed at the “Miyako Hotel”: in Japantown. The boys did a great job at the tournament all day as I had to help out. I ended up placing first in kata but lost the first round of sparring and didn’t place. Another...

Some Jacob News…


Jacob had a great progress report once again. He’s basically been done with Kindergarten since the first trimester. Jacob also had a field trip to the Sacramento Zoo. I was lucky enough to be able to go along. We had a great time on the trip. Finally, Jacob got is now a Little Dragon in karate. He graduated into that class last Wednesday. Great work, Jacob!

West Coast Karate Classic – 2006


I didn’t compete this year but I had a great time regardless both at the tournament and the seminar before that. The seminar was fantastic as usual. Grand Master Willie Adams went over basics in excruciating detail with the explanation, “If you’re not doing all of these things, you’re not doing Karate.” Sadly, I’m not, but I will be trying. A very small part of...

Long Overdue Update


Grrr… It’s been too long since I updated the site. A lot has happened. * Thanksgiving. Normal Thanksgiving celebration at the ranch. A major highlight was seeing Roger and Clarice’s baby. They were the cute, paranoid new parents not letting anybody hold the kid. * Kids got out of school. The boys has a long Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Given they modified traditional...

Intra-dojo Tournament


We had an intra-dojo sparring tournament. Three years ago, this tournament was my first introduction to competition sparring (I think the tournament was my third time sparring — needless to say, I didn’t do too well. 🙂 The results were somewhat better this time around. I ended up taking third overall but I think I may have done better if I hadn’t injured myself in the first...

Off to Orlando


Heading off to Orlando for a week for the “KIAI Grand Nationals(KIAI Grand Nationals)”:. Should be a lot of fun. Amy and the kids are heading to “Vero Beach(Vero Beach)”: while I help set things up. We’ll also be checking out our own piece of the magic at “Saratoga Springs(Saratoga Springs)”:. Hopefully the coming tropical depression won’t make...

Ik-Kyu Promotion


Wednesday night was my third brown-belt promotion and the last one before becoming a black-belt candidate. It’s been a long, hard haul but it’s also been some of the best two and a half years of my adult life. As is the norm during the award ceremony, I had to perform my kata (not mandatory, but it’s good to push myself to do it.) Of course given how much the...

Back from New Orleans


I got back from New Orleans late Sunday night. I had a good time, but I was glad to be home. I’m definitely getting old… The tournament went well. I placed 2nd in sparring and 3rd in forms (kata). I didn’t really feel deserving of the 3rd place finish in kata, but so life goes. I kept telling myself, “Go slow…” I didn’t. 🙂 During sparring for 1st and 2nd...

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