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Using SkiffOS on a Raspberry Pi


I use a Raspberry Pi to run Octoprint in order to control/manage my 3D printer(s). There are many Linux distributions that run on a Raspberry Pi. Typically these days I’m using Docker containers to deploy applications. On x64 hardware, I’ve been running Fedora CoreOS and on Raspberry Pi (ARM32/ARM64) I used to run Hypriot. However, Hypriot looks to be (mostly?) dead. Enter SkiffOS...

Adopting the USW-Flex-Mini Switches


I purchased a bunch of USW-Flex-Mini switches. They are part of the Unifi ecosystem so they are managed by a controller that I have running in a docker container in a server in the house. Whenever I have plugged in any other Unifi device, they showed up for adoption by the controller without any issue. But not these switches. They booted and got their addresses by DHCP as expected. With Unifi...

Dual Mining on Hive OS using Ezil as the Pool


I decided to try Hive OS as a lightweight, Linux-based mining OS. Note, I don’t really do mining seriously. Jacob is doing it a bit and he’s using a Windows based solution which is a bit of a pain to manage now that he’s out of the country. Setting up mining Ethereum using the Ezil pool was easy. When setting up your wallet, the address is the Ethereum wallet (I use Coinbase)...

Setting up with a Unifi USG

S is a way to PXE boot various operating system installers or utilities. It’s really handy to be able to install Linux distributions in a test environment. is based on iPXE. At home, I run a Unifi USG which serves as my gateway to the internet and TrueNAS Core run my TFTP server (amongst other services). Via the Unifi Controller, go to Settings > Networks > LAN Network...

Setting Up Wireguard on the Ubiquiti USG


On my home network, I run a number of services not exposed to the outside world. However, when on the road, it would sometimes be nice to be able to get access to my local network. To set up Wireguard, I essentially followed this gist. The internal network is which allows addresses up to I chose the next /24 to be the network for the Wireguard interface to use. The...

Allowing Keybase Finder file access on macOS Catalina


macOS Catalina has a number of security features that prevent the running of malicious code. However, it can inadvertently block useful software too. In this case, it’s blocking the FUSE kext that Keybase uses to access the encrypted files stored in the cloud. Normally, you can go into System Preferences / Security and allow usage but in this case, the GUI would not allow access. The first...

Home Made Temperature Sensors


Using a NodeMCU and DHT-22 temperature sensor I was able to leverage the ESPHome project to make some temperature sensors to keep an eye on garage freezer temperatures. The wiring of the DHT-22 from left-right corresponds to the following on the NodeMCU: VIN, Gnd, D2. A basic configuration for the sensor is: esphome: name: garage_freezer1 platform: ESP8266 board: nodemcu wifi: ssid: "SSID here"...

Upgrading a RAID-5 Arrary


I’m in the beginning stages of upgrading my Linux software RAID-5 array that’s used to store all kinds of content.  I’ve currently got a 4 drive array (320G drives in a 3 drive array with a hot-spare) set up in my home server.  One of the drive finally died the other day (4 years old or so) and as expected, the hot-spare kicked into service.  I could lose another...

“Integrating” WordPress and Zen Cart (and PHPList and Sphider)


I’d been toying around with the idea of re-doing An Afternoon to Remember’s web site with a real shopping cart instead of the PayPal freebie one that I had been using. Since the main site’s content was already built using WordPress I checked on some shopping carts that were WordPress plugins. Unfortunately, none of them really met my needs. I eventually settled on Zen Cart as it...

XBox 360


!(floatLeft)1!:2 !(floatRight)4!:5 I am buying a used XBox 360 tonight from somebody local. It’s got a modified firmware in the DVD drive. Of course, today is the day that Microsoft began banning users with modified firmware. Perfect timing. 🙂 I don’t have any copied games and I don’t know if I care to. Hopefully I’ll be able to flash the DVD-ROM firmware back to the...

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