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Jacob’s Birthday


Jacob turns six today. Sadly, his big present that we got him (a “Lego Slave 1(Jango and Bobba Fett’s ship)”:1) didn’t arrive yet due to some stupidity on my part. The family party will happen Sunday when Tom is in town on his way back from Korea.

The New Hard Drives Are Here…


I kind of feel like Steve Martin in, “The Jerk(The Jerk starring Steve Martin)”:1 when he blurts our, “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” I just got my order of 4 Serial ATA hard drives from “NewEgg(My favorite mail order business for computer stuff…)”:2. I figured I’d be able to build a RAID-5 array in a degraded...

Lunch with the NSNet Crew


Had a great lunch with the old NSNet crew (NSNet was the local ISP I worked for before it was bought out by Verio.) It was great to see everybody again. Mike and Emily were down with Ben who is now 5 months old and seems like a pretty great little baby. It’s events like these that make me miss having an office.

Speech Recognition Software


I’ve been playing with speech recognition on my computer today. For the Macintosh there’s a program called iListen and it works pretty well. After doing a bit of training with my voice I am now able to speak rather than writing when putting thoughts into words. There are still some glitches; however with more training I think that I will be able to get pretty accurate results out of...

West Coast Karate Classic – 2006


I didn’t compete this year but I had a great time regardless both at the tournament and the seminar before that. The seminar was fantastic as usual. Grand Master Willie Adams went over basics in excruciating detail with the explanation, “If you’re not doing all of these things, you’re not doing Karate.” Sadly, I’m not, but I will be trying. A very small part of...

Little Baby Jesus Hates Me…


Or at least hates my hard drives. I went to power up my workstation PC today and it started up as normal. After 5 minutes of use, the drive started power cycling. It’s still under warranty, but there is some data I’d really like to get off of it. We’ll see what I can manage. That’s two or maybe three hard drives that have either failed or started to fail in the last two...

It’s Here


The “tea room(An Afternoon to Remember Tea Room and Gifts)”: expansion is finally done and open for business. Hopefully this will be better for customers since they now have a place to congregate while waiting for their table in case they get there early. As a side benefit, it should increase sales as well. 🙂

Honor Roll and Science Fair


Thomas made it on the honor roll for the second trimester in a row. Today was his award ceremony for it. Great job, Thomas! Also, earlier this week, he presented his science fair project on removing tarnish from metals. He did a great job on that as well.
UPDATE: Pictures of Thomas with his honor roll certificate are “here”: and “here”:.

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