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Triple Dipped Fried Chicken Tenders Recipe


I love getting fried chicken tenders from Ezell’s. It’s a pretty good value since I get at least two meals out of buying a pound of chicken tenders along with a couple of sides. It ends up being a really nice treat, especially after a round of tennis since it’s on the way home. But like with most things, I’m able to do a better job myself. This triple-dipped fried chicken...

Buttermilk Pancake Recipe


When Susan and I would visit our maternal grandparents, our grandfather would always make us buttermilk pancakes in the morning. He seemed to love doing it and we certainly loved eating them. I hadn’t had them homemade since until Heather and I visited with Chris and Steve Burnett a couple of weeks back on our trip to Florida. Surprisingly, I had never made buttermilk pancakes before. All of my...

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