Long Overdue Update


Grrr… It’s been too long since I updated the site. A lot has happened. * Thanksgiving. Normal Thanksgiving celebration at the ranch. A major highlight was seeing Roger and Clarice’s baby. They were the cute, paranoid new parents not letting anybody hold the kid. * Kids got out of school. The boys has a long Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Given they modified traditional...

Judge Dredd + Whirlwind = The Shadow


My friend, Chris Parks, called me the other day to see if I was interested in his “Shadow(Only the Shadow Knows…)”: pinball game. I’ve had my “Whirlwind(Feel the Power of the Wind)”: sitting in pieces for months and my “Judge Dredd(I am the Law)”: pretty much sitting idle so I offered them both in trade. I probably lost some $$ on the deal, but I...

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