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Can Global Warming Hysteria Please Just Die?


I hate all of the hysteria around “man made” global warming. I’m all for using energy from non-petroleum sources, but the environmental wackos saw fit to kill nuclear power back in the 70’s and 80’s. Solar is not a viable option due to the inefficiencies of the process. Hydro is fine, but there is only so much of it. What really kills me are the stupid “flex...

Yet Another Stupid Media Storm…


This time, it’s Don Imus who is the focus. Imus made a bad joke and called the Rutgers female basketball team members a derogatory name. I don’t know much about Don Imus, nor do I really care. Really, let’s be honest, neither does anybody else since I don’t think the guy has much of an audience. We get to listen to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson rail against Imus. Imus...

General Honore


My father-in-law (Col. Army Ret.) speaks very highly of Gen. Honore who is heading up the military operations in the gulf region. His recomendation was enough for me, but Gen. Honore took it to the next level by telling reporters that they were “stuck on stupid” after they were asking about the response to hurricane Rita vs. hurricane Katrina. Audio is “here(You’re stuck...

New Orleans and the Stupidity


I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans two years ago. Truth be told, I didn’t care too much for the city as it really clashed with my morals and I’m not all that moral a person. Regardless, the tragedy there is heart-breaking and I applaud all of the efforts to bring things under control. We (even the boys) have given money to the Red Cross as will give more as we can. I have also...

Does Howard Dean Help the Democrats?


Okay, disclaimer time. I am aligned politically with the Republican party. Not so much because I agree with the party platform 100%, but because I am more closely aligned with them on most issues (although I’m more libertarian – with a small ‘L’, not the kooky Libertarian party.) I was never too impressed with Howard Dean during the campaign leading up to the 2004...

Gotta love Michael Moore…


Michael Moore said of Republicans, “I mean, they are up at six in the morning trying to figure out which minority group they’re going to screw today.  The hate, they eat for breakfast.  They are going to fight and they are going to smear, and they are going to lie, and they are going to hate.”
What a nut.  How can anybody take this guy seriously?

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