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“Integrating” WordPress and Zen Cart (and PHPList and Sphider)


I’d been toying around with the idea of re-doing An Afternoon to Remember’s web site with a real shopping cart instead of the PayPal freebie one that I had been using. Since the main site’s content was already built using WordPress I checked on some shopping carts that were WordPress plugins. Unfortunately, none of them really met my needs. I eventually settled on Zen Cart as it...

Amy’s New Site


I’ve been working on a new web site for An Afternoon to Remember using WordPress for content and Zen Cart for the shopping cart. There is no really good way of integrating the two, so I’ve made a common theme for them based on the new flyer design. I’ve also been looking to move away from the mailman based mailing list and am looking to use phplist. To that end, I’ve been...



I have to say, I’m really impressed with “ Sell or Create What’s on Your Mind)”:. I started looking at them a few years ago to create “items(An Afternoon to Remember Tea Room and Gifts Shop)”: for Amy just to see what could be done. I was really impressed with the speed and the results. The prices were great too. Later on, I created...

It’s Here


The “tea room(An Afternoon to Remember Tea Room and Gifts)”: expansion is finally done and open for business. Hopefully this will be better for customers since they now have a place to congregate while waiting for their table in case they get there early. As a side benefit, it should increase sales as well. 🙂

Tea Room Happenings


There has been a lot going on with the “Tea Room(An Afternoon to Remember)”: lately. Besides moving into the busy holiday season, we’ve put out a “new newsletter(Volume 3 Issue 1)”: and rolled out a “new website(An Afternoon to Remember)”: with an on-line store. The Tea Room is decked out for the holidays and it’s looking really nice. The one bummer...

The Making of a Newsletter


We produced our 4th newsletter for the tea-room over the last week. Amy had been writing the content throughout the month of June. She did a rudimentary layout and I cleaned it up early last week. On Wednesday we started printing over 1,100 copies to be mailed to her customer base. I spent all night Wednesday (until 2AM or so) printing the first 700 copies. We wrapped up printing of the initial...

A new printer


Amy ran a wet page through our current printer and it hosed up the drum. We needed to get new brochures out for an upcoming event so we headed to Staples to buy another one (it was going to take too long to get a new drum. I’ve since replace the drum with a kit for about $35 bucks.) They no longer sell the HL-1440 at Staples so we took a look at the other offerings. Color lasers had really...

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