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I’m back from Orem where we had some fairly productive meetings.  We were all able to meet our new boss’ boss, Steve Brown.  He seems like a really good guy and I think that he got a really good overview of what we do.  As a team, we’re completely different from everybody else in his group (we’re primarily technical, the rest are primarily administrative.)  Hopefully we can meet as a team on a more regular basis.  Some of the non-work related highlights from the trip were seeing Jared Pollister, getting a Ford Excursion as a rental car and seeing “I, Robot”:irimdb.

  • It sounds a though Jared is doing really well.  He seems very happy with his life and all the changes that have been made.
  • The Ford Excursion is a monstrosity.  The backup alarm/sensor was amusing.
  • “I, Robot”:irimdb was quite entertaining.  Yeah, sure, it’s very loosely based on the Isaac Asimov “book”:iramazon of the same name.  I originally didn’t care to see it, but I read some reviews that seemed positive.  I’m glad I got over my original bias of the film and checked it out.


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