Disney World 2004


Just got back from a seven day Disney World vacation.  We ended up having a blast, but it didn’t start off too well.  The boys have been watching “Pirates of the Caribbean”:potc a lot lately so to get them excited about things we told them beforehand that they could get a sword while we were there.  Also, in order to keep the, “I want a toy” pleas to a minimum we told them that they could choose one toy that we would buy for them.  Jacob decided that Legos were they way to go and Thomas decided to follow suit.  Unfortunately for us, the first day was plagued with, “When are we going to get a sword?” and, “When are we going to get Legos” questions.  Amy and I were starting to get a little torqued since we layed out a bit of cash for the experience and all the kids wanted to do was get crap that we could get at home.  However, we finally made it to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and got the swords and then later made it to Downtown Disney where the kids got some Legos at the Lego store there.

The Magic Kingdom Day 1:
We arrived in Orlando around 6PM and boarded a shuttle to Disney World.  We got all checked in to our nice room that was in the French Quarter.  Since it was dinner time, we called to make a reservation at Boatwright’s which was in the other Port Orlean’s resort called, Riverside.  We walked over and pretty much sat right down for dinner.  The meal was okay and it was our first notice about how much our food costs were going to be (more on that later…)  Coming back to the French Quarter, we took a water taxi which was quite fun.  We rounded out the evening with a long swim in our wonderful pool.

Day 2:
Magic Kingdom day.  I got up early and went for a little walk while Amy and the boys slept.  I picked up some breakfast that included beignet (a New Orleans doughnut that I didn’t get when I was there.)  Got back to the room and kicked everyone into gear.  We hopped on the bus over to the Magic Kingdom.  Security went fast and was fairly painless.  Our first ride was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  Jacob and Thomas had a blast with it.

The rest… Well, it has been so long since I started this, I unfortunately can’t remember events so this post will only cover day 1 and day 2…


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