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The Miles - Golden Weasel EPSaturday night is Amy’s “Friday night”. We got a baby sitter and headed to downtown Sacramento to grab a bite to eat and maybe check out Dave Brockman’s band, “The Miles(The Miles – A really great band with a sexy hunk of a front man! :-)”: Sadly, it had been about 18 months since I’d seen Dave and the last time had been the first chance I’d had to check out what was then his new band. Since that time, he’s gotten married and he and his wife are expecting their first child in late November. Congratulations, Dave! On the band front, they are working on new material and they added a guitarist. The additional guitar brought a new depth to the music since I saw them last. Then again, they’ve been playing for an additional year so that probably helped tighten their sound up.

For the last 12-13 years I’ve loved watching Dave make music. It’s been one of the constant yet secret thrills of my life (one that I don’t experience often enough these days.) Watching Dave is truly witnessing a master at his craft. He’s not in your face. He’s not over the top. He is nuance incarnate. Not nuance in the “only 5 people in the world get my subtlety because I’m so damn stuck up and elite” bad way. Nuance in the way that there is a catchy hook that is not immediately there yet you find yourself humming the tunes 24 hours later. And it’s not that Dave is the best at any one thing musically (playing, writing, singing, etc.) but he excels at all of them. Since I’ve got Star Wars on the brain, I’ll classify Dave as the Obi-Wan of my music world.

The thing that still brings a smile to my face was the last song of the set. They did a fantastic cover of AC-DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” with a guest vocalist whose name eludes me right now. Dave dedicated the song to me since he knows what a rocker I am at heart. I was truly touched and smiled as they tore through the song. Angus and Bon Scott would be proud!

Thanks for the great evening, Dave! Now, go buy their “current EP(The Miles – Golden Weasel)”:!

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