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I finally got “Gallery 2”: embedding working well enough to where I’m pleased with the results. This is only the embedding and not complete integration (which would share user information between WordPress and Gallery 2.) There is apparently an effort underway to integrate the two, but as of the time of this writing, not much is happening.

How I did it:

First, I searched around starting with the Gallery 2 embedding documentation and didn’t come away with anything solid. Then I found this post on another WordPress blog. The author on that site was kind enough to give me his embedding page. I was originally trying to do the embedding using a WordPress page template. That mostly worked, but unfortunately the Gallery session ID wasn’t being passed on the URI. I gave up on that and ended up using a PHP page externally from WordPress.

Second, I started with the Siriux layout and the Matrix theme in Gallery 2. To make “local” changes, you make a “local” directory and put the new templates in there. Unfortunately this doesn’t work at all with stylesheets. Rather than making changes to the distributed stylesheets, I opted instead to make a new layout and a new theme using Siriux and Matrix as a basis respectively.

Third, I tweaked away. You can see the results here. I’m pleased with the results and look forward to optimizing things further and eventually for full integration.

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