The TiVo hard drive died


Horror of horrors! The TiVo hard drive died yesterday. Over 830+ days ago (more on how I know that later…) I replaced the stock 40G hard drive in our DirecTV TiVo with a 120G hard drive. The boys were watching something when they told me the TV stopped working. Upon heading downstairs, the TiVo was hung and it’s hard drive was clicking. Never a good sign. Hard boots ran for a few minutes but the would eventually crash and the hard drive would start clicking after a few minutes of use. I took the hard drive out of the unit and hooked it to a spare PC so I could try and read the drive contents. About 2G into the drive it would hang. Oh well, that’s 1 120G drive down…

Amy got home and we ate dinner. After that, I ran to “Sam’s Club(Sam’s Club)”: to pick up a 160G hard drive (the TiVo can only use 137G of it without additional hacking.) About two hours later, I’d copied the original hard drive to the new one. The TiVo was back in business. Upon booting the TiVo was freaking out that it hadn’t made a daily call in 837 days. All of our old “Season Passes(One reason why TiVo rocks!)”: were there for many shows which are no longer on the air. The best part was some of the old shows that were on it. Of note were episodes of Jacob’s old favorite “Dora the Explorer(D-D-D-D-D-Dora…)”: While it would have been a blast to torture him with it this morning, I decided to clean things up before then.

Now it’s time to download all of the shows that were on there that we hadn’t watched yet. Gotta love the Internet and “BitTorrent(TV shows on-line)”:

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