Family Update


Just a quick family update on things going on.

Jacob had his first dentist appointment today. He did amazingly well. It’s stunning what a little pre-framing can do.

Thomas gets his cast off tomorrow (and life can resume for everyone — especially Thomas!)

Thomas started writing a biography on Michel Jordan (a school project.) He had a bit of a rough start, but I was able to direct him a bit and the results really impressed his teacher, Mrs. Fryer. On a note of mixed emotion, tonight was likely Thomas’ last session with her. She has been a Godsend. The final biography is due on Friday when Thomas is finally able to join his new class at school.

I picked up my tickets to “Revenge of the Sith(Star Wars: Episode III)”: that my boss gave me for Friday night. Earlier this evening Amy conned me into skipping karate tomorrow and take everyone to see it Thursday. We’re going to the 6:45PM showing which should give us time to get all of our errands done.

Amy and the kids are heading out of town for the weekend. I’ve opted to stay home so I can have some time to myself and hopefully get some stuff done. At the very least, hopefully I’ll get refreshed and re-energized.

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