First Day of School – 2005


School started for Thomas and Jacob today. Thomas’ year is starting is starting out much better than “last year”: In the first place, his best friend, Michael, is in his class. They haven’t been in the same class since kindergarten. Secondly, all of the fourth (and fifth) grade teachers are supposed to be excellent. He has Mr. Giannini and we’ll get to meet him on Thursday for back to school night. I really think that he’s going to have a fantastic year.

Jacob has Mrs. Bodner for kindergarten and he couldn’t be more excited. Mrs. Bodner comes highly recommended. Jacob is in definite need of a challenge. He was bored with preschool but enjoyed the social aspects and the academics even though he was really past much of what they were teaching toward the end. This summer Thomas has been teaching Jacob his numbers, reading and spelling. I’ve been amazed by what they accomplished.

Pictures of the first day are “here(Pictures of the first day of school)”:

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