New Orleans and the Stupidity


I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans two years ago. Truth be told, I didn’t care too much for the city as it really clashed with my morals and I’m not all that moral a person. Regardless, the tragedy there is heart-breaking and I applaud all of the efforts to bring things under control. We (even the boys) have given money to the Red Cross as will give more as we can. I have also given money to Master Mayben’s KIAI school in New Orleans.

That said, the looting and the defense of it is ridiculous as is the general lawlessness that is taking place by a small handful of the residents left behind. May karmic retribution kick their asses…

But despite all of the “silly”: “comments”: by people who are Monday morning quarterbacking the effort I don’t think I’ve read anything as disgusting as “this”:×4582698:

I did not stop to help a * supporter today.

I had no idea how deeply my hate for that man ran. My lack of an interaction, with a * supporter is still haunting me a couple of hours later.

I was on my home and was on the ramp getting off the highway. I saw a mini-van on the side of the road. There was a lady standing next to the van and in her arms she held her child. I can only assume her mini-van had broken down. I don’t know, perhaps with so many gad stations being out of gas, she had also run out. I slowed down and started to pull over to offer her a ride. At the very last second I noticed a “W” sticker on the back of her vehicle and I sped up and drove off.

I feel really bad as a human being. That child is not responsible for their parent’s belief system. They are innocent and do not deserve to be out in the heat. (It is warm but not so bad that they would even break a sweat) I try not to punish people for what they believe.

On the other hand, so many hateful thoughts went through my head. I wondered how a person could see what was going on in NO and still have one of those awful stickers on their car. How could they support an awful excuse for a human being that has let our country down and is letting Americans die after they have made it through the storm? How can someone be so blind and so stupid?

I thought that if she loves * so much, maybe he would come along and help her the same way he is rescuing all of those poor people in the weather stricken part of our country. Let’s see what her hero can do for her.

I never did go back. I was so upset with that sticker and with the fact that someone would support an idiot who is so clearly running our country into the ground.

So why am I writing this? It is not to boast, I really feel bad about passing this child and not picking up their mother. Perhaps it is for a catharsis of sorts? That would be an educated guess. I suppose it is because I feel conflicted and I am writing this to try and sort through what I am feeling. There are two emotional sides, for me, on this incident and neither seems completely right or wrong to me. Even writing this, I am still not able to work through what happened. I feel like I am floating between right and wrong and am unable to grab either side.

I’ve got news for the piece of low-life trash that wrote the above. You are wrong, plain and simple. You allowed your hate for somebody to compromise your morality and you have the gall to attempt to justify it? What if they had a “Jesus fish”: on their car? Or perhaps a Darwin fish? Or a bumper sticker saying, “I love clubbing baby seals”? The fact to the matter is that it was a person in need and you were in a position to help. Yet you chose not to because of your hatred. That speaks volumes about you and those clapping you on the back. Absolutely disgusting.

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