Back from Missouri


We went to visit Amy’s parent for a few days. Her dad, Tom, just had surgury to remove some cancer from his throat so we figured it’d be a good idea to go back and see he family a bit. It was a great trip albeit too short. We got to see Amy’s aunts and uncles for an afternoon which was a nice treat. Some of the highlights included spending a bit of time at Tom’s grain elevator (the boys had a blast out there), working on building the hangar at the airport and Tenderloin Tuesday at the “HyVee”: I guess that last one needs a bit of explanation. There is a grocery store in Chillicothe called “HyVee”: and they have a kitchen/diner. On Tuesdays, they serve breaded pork tenderloins. Damn they’re good. Not sure when we’re going to make it back, but the trip was a lot of fun.

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