Long Overdue Update


Grrr… It’s been too long since I updated the site. A lot has happened.

* Thanksgiving. Normal Thanksgiving celebration at the ranch. A major highlight was seeing Roger and Clarice’s baby. They were the cute, paranoid new parents not letting anybody hold the kid.
* Kids got out of school. The boys has a long Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Given they modified traditional schedule they have, the summer break is shorter and the other breaks are longer.
* I got my “The Shadow” moved up stairs. A great game. I still suck at it.
* I made it to black belt candidate in karate. Now I’ll be eligible to test for my black belt somewhere between six months ’til whenever.
* Christmas. It was great! Thomas was gone for the actual Christmas day so I called Santa on the phone and asked if he could come early and he made an exception. The kids had a blast. The actual Christmas day was spent setting up Thomas’ bed and getting his room fixed up. The room ended up great and when Thomas got home, he was really excited about it. Jacob got a Lego Millennium Falcon and I have to confess that it is without a doubt the coolest Lego set we have ever put together.
* They day after Christmas, Amy and I took off to Monterey for a couple of days by ourselves. it was a wonderful trip. Some of the highlights were dining at a wonderful restaurant in Carmel called “Casanova(Carmel’s Most Romantic Restaurant)”:http://www.casanovarestaurant.com/. We were privileged enough to be seated in the Van Gogh room and got to eat a Van Gogh’s table — I’m convinced that a good attitude payed off for us on this one! I had an athletic massage and it was awesome. Finally, I checked out an Aikido class. What a cool art that is…
* Amy and I have been married for seven (long 🙂 years.
* I got a Powerbook from work. My switch over to using a Mac is almost complete!

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