Hard Drive Failure


So the other night, one of the hard drives in my RAID-1 (mirror) array triggered a failure. No biggie. The other drive was working just fine. The next day I went out to Fry’s and they actaully had the exact same model so I bought it and brought it home. I removed the old drive from the server and stuck the new one in, partitioned it and added the drive into the RAID. At about 99.99% of a successful sync, it would eventually fail. The problem? A read error on the working drive. Not sure what’s up with that. There doesn’t appear to be a way to re-size an MD partition so that it’s not trying to read to the end of the drive where the failure is coming from. The drive is working fine and I’ve got the second drive in and have the content copied to that drive hourly via rsync. Eventually, I need to deal with this, but that’s going to involve quite a bit of work and downtime to get things back to a workable state. I’m not too happy about it but so life goes…

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