60 Years of Marriage


Last night was my Uncle John and Aunt Mary’s 60th wedding anniversary. Time sure does fly, because it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were at their 50th. At that time, I was recently back from Germany and Amy got one of her first tastes of the size of my family. Counting tables, we estimated there were over 500 people there. Amy and I don’t even know 500 people let alone know them well enough to invite them to an event like this.

I always enjoy get togethers like these since it’s an opportunity to see extended family that I don’t get to see often enough. My second cousins Roger (with wife Clarise) and Lianne were there and it’s always a lot of fun to catch up with them. Unfortunately, Ron (recently engaged to Sarah) couldn’t make it. Stephen and Rick, whom I get to see a bit more often, were there as well and it was great hanging out with them too.

I can’t even begin to imagine 60 years of marriage as Amy and I will be at 9 this year. We’ve got a way to go still! Congratulations to my aunt and uncle and I’m looking forward to the party at their 70th!

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