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I’ve been working on a new web site for An Afternoon to Remember using WordPress for content and Zen Cart for the shopping cart. There is no really good way of integrating the two, so I’ve made a common theme for them based on the new flyer design. I’ve also been looking to move away from the mailman based mailing list and am looking to use phplist. To that end, I’ve been looking at ways to integrate both WordPress and Zen Cart with phplist. There are plugins out there for making it happen with WordPress that look promising, but I have a few issues with them that I need to work through.

At this point, I’ve got the bulk of the design work done and am ready to start taking pictures for the shopping cart. I hope to have us live with the new site before the end of the month.

The designer of one of the plugins that I’m making use was very helpful with an issue I was having. So here is some love for his sites. I have to say, the wedding cakes look very well done!

I plan on doing a full “write-up” of the integration once I’m done and it’s live.

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