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New Motherboard on the Way


Well, it’s a *new to me* motherboard… 🙂 I picked up a D945GNTLR that came with a 3Ghz P4 and 512M of memory off ebay for around $100 shipped. Not a bad deal assuming it works 100%. I guess I’ll need to pick up a new power supply and probably some more memory for it. I’m curious how well the on board graphics will perform. Should be fun to play with for things like MacOS X...

Windows Vista


I installed Windows Vista on my spare X86-64 box. The interface changes seem nice but unfortunately, I have a GeForce3 Ti200 in that box and it’s not a DirectX 9 part. It turns out that only DX9 and higher video cards are supported as anything better than “Standard VGA” video card. Too bad, since I was looking forward to checking out the “Aero” interface with all of...

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