Visiting Seattle

We just got done visiting Bainbridge Island and we’re waiting to drive our car onto the ferry for the trip back to Seattle.
The weather has been fantastic thus far. I think if I don’t get the job offer from Amazon everybody is going to be dissappointed (myself included).
Amy loves Bainbridge Island. I’m not so sure about the commute to downtown. We found some nice places in Bellevue. Next up is a drive to Shoreline and other parts north.

Update: Shoreline was a bit of a bust. Looks like our best bets are East of Seattle.
Update 2: Amazingly, it was snowing in Mount Shasta on the way back. The Black Bear Diner was pretty good eats…

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Upgrading a RAID-5 Arrary

I’m in the beginning stages of upgrading my Linux software RAID-5 array that’s used to store all kinds of content.  I’ve currently got a 4 drive array (320G drives in a 3 drive array with a hot-spare) set up in my home server.  One of the drive finally died the other day (4 years old or so) and as expected, the hot-spare kicked into service.  I could lose another drive and things would be okay, but it’s not comforting to think about that as all the data isn’t backed up regularly (the important stuff is.)  The server runs an ASUS K8N-E Deluxe board and I happen to have a spare one of those that I use as my testing motherboard.  This gave me the opportunity to install Centos 5.4 on a spare drive to build the new array (1.5TB Samsung drives — well it will when the rest of the drives get here.)  The K8N-E Deluxe uses the Silicon Image 3114 chipset for on-board RAID.  I use …

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