Dual Mining on Hive OS using Ezil as the Pool


I decided to try Hive OS as a lightweight, Linux-based mining OS. Note, I don’t really do mining seriously. Jacob is doing it a bit and he’s using a Windows based solution which is a bit of a pain to manage now that he’s out of the country.

Setting up mining Ethereum using the Ezil pool was easy. When setting up your wallet, the address is the Ethereum wallet (I use Coinbase) and the Zilliqa wallet (I use Atomic Wallet) joined by ..

The “Flight Sheet” I created looks like:

The miner, TeamRedMiner, supports mining both Ethereum and Zil. It’s also AMD only which are the only cards I currently have.

The additional configuration takes place in the Setup Mining Config dialog:

The URLs in the Extra config arguments section are not able to be expanded via %URL% so you have to add them explicitly. In this case, I added both of the current US-West endpoints for Ezil.

All in all, Hive OS looks like it’s pretty easy to use. I’m not quite sold on the utility of mining Zilliqa (or any crypto for that matter) but I figured if I was going to go through the effort of testing this, why not both?

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