Windows Vista

I installed Windows Vista on my spare X86-64 box. The interface changes seem nice but unfortunately, I have a GeForce3 Ti200 in that box and it’s not a DirectX 9 part. It turns out that only DX9 and higher video cards are supported as anything better than “Standard VGA” video card. Too bad, since I was looking forward to checking out the “Aero” interface with all of it’s graphical bells and whistles. I hadn’t installed any apps on it before I found this out so I can’t comment on performance. I was interested in possibly keeping Vista on there for MAME and some serious performance gains that are coming from running in 64 bit mode.

Fry’s is opening soon in Roseville. Maybe I’ll get a Core Duo 2 with a low-end DX9 card that they’ll be sure to have on sale when they open.

Update: Turns out I do have a DX9 compatible card, a GeForce FX 5200 that was in my Windows box that I pretty much only use for ripping DVDs and Skype. I swapped cards and re-installed Vista. The visuals are impressive, but it’s not snappy. I’m sure it works really well with a $400 card. :-)

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