Preschool Graduation


Jacob's Preschool GraduationTonight Jacob had his pre-school graduation. All of the kids were really cute. The teachers had a nice program with singing and dancing set up for a packed house of family and friends. Jacob is so excited to be going to kindergarten and he’s ecstatic that school is over for the summer. Jacob spent 3 years at Heritage Park Preschool and that is the same preschool that Thomas went to. The last few years have seen a decline in the preschool. When Jacob started, the staff was mostly the same as when Thomas went there three years earlier. Unfortunately that all changed a year or so after Jacob started. Only one staff member remained constant through both Thomas and Jacob’s tenure and she is the reason for sending your child there. Susan Stagno (Miss Susan) is fantastic with the children. They love her and it’s obvious when you see her that she loves them. She makes class fun and has great activities for the kids. A treat (paid for with her own money) is rewarded for a good deed without fail. So thank you, Miss Susan. You made the preschool great!

There are pictures and movies of the event “here(Pictures of Jacob’s Graduation)”:

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