Thomas is a 4th Grader


Thomas finished the 3rd grade on Thursday. This has been one exceptionally rough year for him between switching teachers mid-year and breaking his leg. Through it all, he’s done a fantastic job and I’ve been really proud of his resilience.

Mrs. Simms was the teacher he finished out the year with and I only wish that he could have had her for the entire year. She’s definitely an old-school teacher (read: she doesn’t put up with any crap.) but she’s good enough to command that respect. We were also really happy with Mrs. Fryer who came out to the house to teach Thomas when he was in his leg casts. She was excellent and made things really fun for Thomas at a time when he didn’t have a lot to get excited about with his mobility so hampered.

He’s looking forward to a fun summer with swimming lessons and a trip to Disney World. He’s recovering very well and hopefully by the start of the next school year he’ll be in great physical shape.

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