Father’s Day 2005


Father's Day 2005 montageFather’s day has been good so far. We don’t have much planned for today which is exactly how I wanted it. I made a mug much like I did for “Mother’s Day(Mother’s Day 2005)”:http://www.patsoffice.com/blog/mothers-day-2005/ but unfortunately when I made the photo montage, I made a typo on the year. So it’s 2006 rather than 2005. Of course I didn’t notice until Thomas pointed it out while looking at the cup sitting on the counter. We took the mug over to my Dad’s house and gave Grandfather the DVD of the preschool graduation. During the viewing of the DVD, Grandfather was in tears because he was laughing so hard at the antics of Jacob. That was something special to see.

The boys and I bought a webcam yesterday and hopefully Thomas will be able to try it with his dad in Boston today. It’s got a built-in mic and I’m curious to see how well the video compresses.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to try out the web cam. To use it via AIM, it looks like I’m going to need to open some firewall ports. I’ve been unable to find much information about it unfortunately.

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