West Coast Karate Classic – 2006


Grand Master Chuck Norris and Grand Master Willie Adams I didn’t compete this year but I had a great time regardless both at the tournament and the seminar before that.

The seminar was fantastic as usual. Grand Master Willie Adams went over basics in excruciating detail with the explanation, “If you’re not doing all of these things, you’re not doing Karate.” Sadly, I’m not, but I will be trying. A very small part of the seminar was spent explaining the “picture to the right(Master Chuck Norris and Grand Master Willie Adams)”:http://www.patsoffice.com/wp-gallery2.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=2458 of Grand Master Chuck Norris biting the leg of Grand Master Willie Adams. The picture was taken in 1967 after a national championship that Grand Master Adams won. While consuming adult beverages it came up that Grand Master Adams pulled a kick to the head. Grand Master Norris disagreed so they decided to see if Grand Master Adams could indeed kick him in the head. Sure enough, a kick to the head ensued, but after it happened, Grand Master Norris grabbed the leg and bit down on it. According to Grand Master Adams, the kick was not staged. I was fortunate enough to speak with Grand Master Adams after the event to talk about it a little. The picture was taken by a photographer named Chuck Looney (I found some hits searching so hopefully I’ll be able to buy a better copy of the photo.) Grand Master Adams was wearing a green and black suit and it was the first Johnny Carson line of clothing. Master Norris was wearing a brown suede coat. Très chic!

As a school, I think we did fairly well at the tournament. Doshi Benati was grand champion in weapons and empty hand kata. Sensei Braz was the grand champion in sparring. I had a great time being a score keeper/time keeper in one of the rings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay until the very end but I made it through most of the day (there were 2 rounds of the sparring grand championship left.) I’m looking forward to July and the KIAI Grand Nationals in San Francisco now.

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