The Good Samaritan


We were driving home the other night and I hear a horn honk behind me. I glance in my rear view mirror to see what caused it. The guy in the car behind me is holding up a sign that says, “Tail Light Out” written on a piece of cardboard. I think to myself, “Hmmm. That’s nice of the guy.” and I wave. He then points to the right side of the vehicle to point out which light. I give him the thumbs up and wave again. A few minutes later, I told Amy what happened and she thought I was making the whole thing up. I was heartened by the fact that a total stranger would take the time to write up signs backwards (so they appear correct in a mirror) and carry them around with them in his car. It makes me wonder if he had some event in his life that compelled him to do this or if he simply felt that it was his duty to do it. Anyway, I’m thankful that he pointed out the problem.

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