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!(floatRight)2!:3 I went to “Sam’s Club(Spawn of the Eeeeviiiillll Wal-Mart)”:1 yesterday to buy some steak for fajitas and as I was standing in the checkout line, a big-screen television was beckoning me (as they often do.) The line was unusually long so I had plenty of time to gawk at the screen from a distance. The colors were so much more vibrant than any other screens in my field of vision. The lady from the jewelry counter told myself and the man behind me that she would ring me up. As we went over to the counter, the guy behind me remarked to the checker how awesome that television looked. He was apparently as enamoured with the screen as much as I was. 56″ of HD goodness and it comes with a stand in the “Sam’s Club(Spawn of the Eeeeviiiillll Wal-Mart)”:1 bundle. I want one! Time to save my pennies.

I read a “review”:4 of another JVC television using the same technology and it got a poor score. However, “this thread”:5 on AVS Forum seems to speak highly of it even though it looks like there might be problems with the lamps. It looked damn good to my eyes so I’ll be looking at it much more closely. I especially like the idea of LED lamps which would be much cooler and last much, much longer.

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