The Kitchen Revisited


Last night, Amy and I took our friends Jill and Kerry to “The Kitchen”: as a wedding gift. We had been to The Kitchen “once before”: and simply loved it. This time was amazing as well.

At most restaurants, I get the feeling that I could do the dish I ordered almost as well in my own house. This is not the case with “The Kitchen”: They are professionals and it’s beyond obvious.

The first course of the night was a duck and mushroom mixture in a pastry with a great sauce over the top. The entire thing was on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and it was all garnished with three kinds of asparagus. Second course was a “Bloody Mary Lobster Bisque”. Basically, it’s an awesome lobster bisque garnished with Dungeness crab leg on top. I don’t like mushrooms and the first course was still good. The second was out of this world…

The third course is sushi and sashimi that is served outside while the gear up for the fourth course. I don’t care much for sashimi but it was all tasty. They had oysters that I couldn’t bring myself to eat (I’ve had them before and am not wild about them…) The highlight of this course for me was the deep fried scallops.

Next up was the wild salmon with rock shrimp. Very tasty. Finally there was an amazing beef tenderloin that was out of this world.

Dessert was caramel-almond cake in a chocolate soup. It was tasty, but wasn’t up to snuff with the rest of the meal.

We did some of the wine pairings and once again, they definitely know what they’re doing. The meal took the wine from, “It’s okay” to “Wow! Now I understand.”

The thing that is amazing about the experience is the way everything just fits together. No taste is out of place and it all blends so amazingly well.

We can’t wait to go back again. Probably in a few years! 🙂

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