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Amy’s New Site


I’ve been working on a new web site for An Afternoon to Remember using WordPress for content and Zen Cart for the shopping cart. There is no really good way of integrating the two, so I’ve made a common theme for them based on the new flyer design. I’ve also been looking to move away from the mailman based mailing list and am looking to use phplist. To that end, I’ve been...

Can Global Warming Hysteria Please Just Die?


I hate all of the hysteria around “man made” global warming. I’m all for using energy from non-petroleum sources, but the environmental wackos saw fit to kill nuclear power back in the 70’s and 80’s. Solar is not a viable option due to the inefficiencies of the process. Hydro is fine, but there is only so much of it. What really kills me are the stupid “flex...

The Challenge of Industrial Design


With Amy’s business I’ve had the opportunity to work in the professional publishing world. Over the last year we’ve self-published her cookbooks and designed new tins for teas. I like to think that I’m somewhat technically competent, but dealing with professionals in those arenas was a very humbling experience. I simply don’t know anything about those worlds. As...

Coincidence vs. Providence


I reconnected with a friend of mine recently and it happened under some life changes that have been going on. We talked for a few hours and it felt great to establish those personal connections again. They told me that every time they think of the second matrix move (the sequel that didn’t suck as bad as the third one) they think of me. In their mind, I’m the general who, with...

Summer Movies


We’ve seen two of the big summer movies so far this summer. We caught Ratatouille while in Monterey with Jered and Blake. This is the 8th film by Pixar and is one of their best. It’s a story about a rat who has dreams of being a chef and his trials to become who he wants to be. Along the way, he forges a friendship with Rémy, who is a garbage boy turned chef in a Paris restaurant...

Thomas’ Surgery


!(floatLeft)1!:1 On June 18th, Thomas had another surgery for his bone cyst. It’s been two weeks and he is doing better than I could have ever imagined. The doctor put in a screw that will stay in place for the rest of his life. The explanation for the screw is that it’s a precaution. The screw will act like ribar if the graft doesn’t take for some reason. I hope that his...

60 Years of Marriage


Last night was my Uncle John and Aunt Mary’s 60th wedding anniversary. Time sure does fly, because it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were at their 50th. At that time, I was recently back from Germany and Amy got one of her first tastes of the size of my family. Counting tables, we estimated there were over 500 people there. Amy and I don’t even know 500 people let alone know...

The Kitchen Revisited


Last night, Amy and I took our friends Jill and Kerry to “The Kitchen”: as a wedding gift. We had been to The Kitchen “once before”: and simply loved it. This time was amazing as well. At most restaurants, I get the feeling that I could do the dish I ordered almost as well in my own house. This is not the case with “The Kitchen”:. They are professionals and...

XBox 360


!(floatLeft)1!:2 !(floatRight)4!:5 I am buying a used XBox 360 tonight from somebody local. It’s got a modified firmware in the DVD drive. Of course, today is the day that Microsoft began banning users with modified firmware. Perfect timing. 🙂 I don’t have any copied games and I don’t know if I care to. Hopefully I’ll be able to flash the DVD-ROM firmware back to the...

If You Can Do It Better, Then Shut Up and Do It!


!(floatRight)1!:2 I frequent some tech sites (“slashdot”:3, “digg”:4) and there seems to be group of whiners that complain about some television shows that I happen to like — specifically, “Lost”:2 and “Battlestar Galactica”:5. The complaints, usually, are along the lines of Battlestar started off very well. It was fascinating. It was science...

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