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The Good Samaritan


We were driving home the other night and I hear a horn honk behind me. I glance in my rear view mirror to see what caused it. The guy in the car behind me is holding up a sign that says, “Tail Light Out” written on a piece of cardboard. I think to myself, “Hmmm. That’s nice of the guy.” and I wave. He then points to the right side of the vehicle to point out which...

R.I.P. John E. Devine


My grandfather passed away today. His health had been failing of late but until a couple of weeks ago, the worst problem he ever had was being a bit overweight and his kidneys having some problems. He lived over 91 years which was quite a marvel given his family history. The rest of his brothers mostly did not live beyond 65 years and his mother and father were not long lived. I joked of late...

Jacob’s Present


Jacob’s present finally arrived today. I bought the “Lego Slave 1(The Most Feared Ship in the Galaxy)”:1 off of ebay. The seller and I are currently having a bit of an argument about some issues. Regardless of that, Jacob has been having a blast putting it together. I would have been happier if it would have been here on his birthday, but just having it here is awesome.

Thomas’ Birthday


Thomas turns 10 today. He’s in Boston with his dad and it sounds like he’s having a good time. I can’t wait to hear about his travels and all the neat stuff he’s seeing. Happy Birthday, Thomas!
_*UPDATE*_: Thomas’ dad has a website with some pictures from his birthday and trip “here(Thomas’ Dad’s web site)”:1.

Site Upgrade


I’ve upgraded my WordPress and Gallery installations. I’ve been tinkering with updating the theme, but I haven’t completed it yet. I figured I’d rather upgrade the core components (WordPress and Gallery) with the old theme in place. Hopefully I’ll get the new WordPress theme finished up and in place soon.

Jacob’s Birthday


Jacob turns six today. Sadly, his big present that we got him (a “Lego Slave 1(Jango and Bobba Fett’s ship)”:1) didn’t arrive yet due to some stupidity on my part. The family party will happen Sunday when Tom is in town on his way back from Korea.

The New Hard Drives Are Here…


I kind of feel like Steve Martin in, “The Jerk(The Jerk starring Steve Martin)”:1 when he blurts our, “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!” I just got my order of 4 Serial ATA hard drives from “NewEgg(My favorite mail order business for computer stuff…)”:2. I figured I’d be able to build a RAID-5 array in a degraded...

Lunch with the NSNet Crew


Had a great lunch with the old NSNet crew (NSNet was the local ISP I worked for before it was bought out by Verio.) It was great to see everybody again. Mike and Emily were down with Ben who is now 5 months old and seems like a pretty great little baby. It’s events like these that make me miss having an office.

Speech Recognition Software


I’ve been playing with speech recognition on my computer today. For the Macintosh there’s a program called iListen and it works pretty well. After doing a bit of training with my voice I am now able to speak rather than writing when putting thoughts into words. There are still some glitches; however with more training I think that I will be able to get pretty accurate results out of...

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