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Lost meets Zork


!(floatLeft)2!:1 Growing up with computers in the early 80’s wasn’t exactly the most graphical experience in the world. At the time, we definitely thought the graphics were cool, but let’s face it, a “Commodore-64(Commodore’s 8 bit computer with 64K — yes, K — of memory)”: looks like crap these days with it’s 16 colors and 320×200 display...

Revenge of the Sith…


!(floatLeft)2!:1 I just finished reading _Revenge of the Sith_, a movie I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Up until this point, my favorite Star Wars movie has been “The Empire Strikes Back(Widescreen of course!)”:3. Maybe it’s because I seem to like conflict, but for whatever reason, I really enjoyed the movie because there was little that was happy about it...

Saw the Bourne Supremacy


Thomas was down in San Mateo and we had Brittney G. watch Jacob so we had the evening free. We had dinner at an Italian place in downtown Sacramento (the name eludes me right now.) The price was good and the food was decent.  They had these fried zucchini chips that were excellent. We later came back to Roseville to see “The Bourne Supremacy”. I really enjoyed the first one and...

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