Intra-dojo Tournament


We had an intra-dojo sparring tournament. Three years ago, this tournament was my first introduction to competition sparring (I think the tournament was my third time sparring — needless to say, I didn’t do too well. 🙂 The results were somewhat better this time around. I ended up taking third overall but I think I may have done better if I hadn’t injured myself in the first round. Somehow my left ankle got jacked up and it hurt to do anything with it (I especially felt it when kicking with the left leg) and my movement was greatly reduced. My friend, Bill Whyman, deservedly won our division. Regardless of how things turned out, the top three spots went to Roseville student which was gratifying. Not that I have anything against the Auburn dojo. 🙂

Jacob participated in the flag game and did pretty well. I think he had fun competing.

To add insult to injury, Amy and I went to a crab feed and I sliced my hand pretty badly. A fitting end to an injurious day. 🙂

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