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The TiVo hard drive died


Horror of horrors! The TiVo hard drive died yesterday. Over 830+ days ago (more on how I know that later…) I replaced the stock 40G hard drive in our DirecTV TiVo with a 120G hard drive. The boys were watching something when they told me the TV stopped working. Upon heading downstairs, the TiVo was hung and it’s hard drive was clicking. Never a good sign. Hard boots ran for a few...

New Server. New site…


My new home “server” (web, mail, firewall, files) is in place at home. It’s a spiffy new AMD X86-64 motherboard and a lot of storage. With the exception of a few snags in the email configuration things went smoothly. The roll-out of the new machine, means I actually rolled out this website that I’ve been working on for way too long. It’s mainly designed for family...

Gallery 2 Embedding


I finally got “Gallery 2”: embedding working well enough to where I’m pleased with the results. This is only the embedding and not complete integration (which would share user information between WordPress and Gallery 2.) There is apparently an effort underway to integrate the two, but as of the time of this writing, not much is happening. How I did it: First, I searched around...

Which kind are you?


I took the “Which file extension are you” quiz today. Here is my result:
Which File Extension are You?
Then there’s the “Which OS are you” quiz:

Which OS are You?
Finally, there is the “Which Nigerian scammer are you” quiz:
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

Independence Day


Dad wanted to spend his birthday working on his plane so we didn’t have any family get togethers planned. After much deliberating, Amy decided that we should go to Cal Expo to watch the fireworks. I was a bit reluctant at first but it turned out to be a really fun time. The group of people in front of us brought about 50 bags of exploding snaps that they were willing to share with the boys...

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