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R.I.P. John E. Devine


My grandfather passed away today. His health had been failing of late but until a couple of weeks ago, the worst problem he ever had was being a bit overweight and his kidneys having some problems. He lived over 91 years which was quite a marvel given his family history. The rest of his brothers mostly did not live beyond 65 years and his mother and father were not long lived. I joked of late...

Jacob’s Present


Jacob’s present finally arrived today. I bought the “Lego Slave 1(The Most Feared Ship in the Galaxy)”:1 off of ebay. The seller and I are currently having a bit of an argument about some issues. Regardless of that, Jacob has been having a blast putting it together. I would have been happier if it would have been here on his birthday, but just having it here is awesome.

Thomas’ Birthday


Thomas turns 10 today. He’s in Boston with his dad and it sounds like he’s having a good time. I can’t wait to hear about his travels and all the neat stuff he’s seeing. Happy Birthday, Thomas!
_*UPDATE*_: Thomas’ dad has a website with some pictures from his birthday and trip “here(Thomas’ Dad’s web site)”:1.

Jacob’s Birthday


Jacob turns six today. Sadly, his big present that we got him (a “Lego Slave 1(Jango and Bobba Fett’s ship)”:1) didn’t arrive yet due to some stupidity on my part. The family party will happen Sunday when Tom is in town on his way back from Korea.

Honor Roll and Science Fair


Thomas made it on the honor roll for the second trimester in a row. Today was his award ceremony for it. Great job, Thomas! Also, earlier this week, he presented his science fair project on removing tarnish from metals. He did a great job on that as well.
UPDATE: Pictures of Thomas with his honor roll certificate are “here”: and “here”:.

Long Overdue Update


Grrr… It’s been too long since I updated the site. A lot has happened. * Thanksgiving. Normal Thanksgiving celebration at the ranch. A major highlight was seeing Roger and Clarice’s baby. They were the cute, paranoid new parents not letting anybody hold the kid. * Kids got out of school. The boys has a long Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Given they modified traditional...

Back from Missouri


We went to visit Amy’s parent for a few days. Her dad, Tom, just had surgury to remove some cancer from his throat so we figured it’d be a good idea to go back and see he family a bit. It was a great trip albeit too short. We got to see Amy’s aunts and uncles for an afternoon which was a nice treat. Some of the highlights included spending a bit of time at Tom’s grain...

First Trimester is Over


Yesterday, we met with Thomas and Jacob’s teachers. The meetings went really well. Jacob is essentially done with kindergarten. He’s met all of the requirements to move on to the first grade. His teacher, Mrs. Bodner, was really impressed with how well he is doing. Thomas made the honor roll and his teacher, Mr. Gianini, wants him to set a goal of making the Principal’s list for...

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