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Enchidia Speed…


Thomas likes to make a drink when we go to Baja Fresh that is a mish-mash of basically everything they offer at the soda fountain. When I asked him what it was called, he came up with the name “Enchidia Speed”. He doesn’t know why he called it that, it was simply something that came to him on the spur of the moment. It consists of equal parts of: * Diet Pepsi * Pepsi * Fruit...

Off to Orlando


Heading off to Orlando for a week for the “KIAI Grand Nationals(KIAI Grand Nationals)”:. Should be a lot of fun. Amy and the kids are heading to “Vero Beach(Vero Beach)”: while I help set things up. We’ll also be checking out our own piece of the magic at “Saratoga Springs(Saratoga Springs)”:. Hopefully the coming tropical depression won’t make...

Swimming Lessons


Thomas and Jacob started two weeks of swimming lessons yesterday. Amy took the kids yesterday and I had the opportunity to take them today. Yesterday, Thomas had a rough time. His left leg is still weak and that makes it tough for him to swim well (not that he’s ever been a really strong swimmer.) He did much better today and consequently seemed to enjoy it much more. Jacob is just having a...

Father’s Day 2005


Father’s day has been good so far. We don’t have much planned for today which is exactly how I wanted it. I made a mug much like I did for “Mother’s Day(Mother’s Day 2005)”: but unfortunately when I made the photo montage, I made a typo on the year. So it’s 2006 rather than 2005. Of course I didn’t notice until Thomas pointed it out while looking at...

Thomas is a 4th Grader


Thomas finished the 3rd grade on Thursday. This has been one exceptionally rough year for him between switching teachers mid-year and breaking his leg. Through it all, he’s done a fantastic job and I’ve been really proud of his resilience. Mrs. Simms was the teacher he finished out the year with and I only wish that he could have had her for the entire year. She’s definitely an...

Preschool Graduation


Tonight Jacob had his pre-school graduation. All of the kids were really cute. The teachers had a nice program with singing and dancing set up for a packed house of family and friends. Jacob is so excited to be going to kindergarten and he’s ecstatic that school is over for the summer. Jacob spent 3 years at Heritage Park Preschool and that is the same preschool that Thomas went to. The...

BBQing Goodness


Ah, warm weather. I hate it. Give me cold any time. I think the fact that I dislike the heat so much is the fact that my office temperature approaches 90 degrees during the summer. This year I bought a portable AC unit that helps, but still can’t cool the room enough. But enough of that… The barbecue. I use mine year round, but it gets much more use during the summer months. About 2...

Family Update


Just a quick family update on things going on. Jacob had his first dentist appointment today. He did amazingly well. It’s stunning what a little pre-framing can do. Thomas gets his cast off tomorrow (and life can resume for everyone — especially Thomas!) Thomas started writing a biography on Michel Jordan (a school project.) He had a bit of a rough start, but I was able to direct him...

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